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Mobile Phone Services 



Mobile Phone App


Intalink has launched a new phone App for iPhone and Android. For more information and to download click here



Near Field Communications

Near Field Communications (NFC) will shortly be rolled out across every bus stop in Hertfordshire.

NFC will enable an individual with an NFC enabled phone to instantly download Bus Departure Information to their mobile phone simply by tapping or holding their mobile device against a poster in the roadside display timetable frame.

How does it work?

Behind each specially designed poster there is an NFC chip which works by using high-frequency wireless technology to transfer data between two devices, typically a mobile and an NFC reader.

In order to use NFC you need to have an NFC chip inside your mobile and the necessary software support on your smartphone. NFC has recently been adopted by major mobile operating systems and smartphone manufacturers, such as Google, Android and Samsung.

If you have a smart phone that does not support NFC but do have an android or iPhone then you can download the Intalink mobile App (download from to see when you bus is due, scan the QR Codes which are available at bus stops or alternatively click on the departure button here on the website.


QR Codes



QR Codes are now being used in Hertfordshire to allow users to obtain travel information directly to their mobile phones. If you have a mobile with the Internet and a camera then you can use this service.


A 'Departures' page is now available from the main menu of the left. Once you have found your stop you can scan the QR Code displayed using a free QR Code Reader which can be downloaded from your App Store or by searching for 'QR Code Reader' on your phone's internet browser. Once you have a reader simply open the application and hold your phone near the code. It will scan the code and you will then receive or be directed to the information.


On our Departures page you are now able to get departures from any chosen stop in Hertfordshire either on screen or on your mobile (by scanning the QR Code for that stop).


For instance, scan the code on the left to get the Intalink website on your mobile phone.

















Bus Tickets Direct to UR Mobile 


Mobile bus ticketing is here! This exciting new service is now available through bus operators ARRIVA and Uno. It’s a fast, convenient,
simple and safe way to buy your travel ticket.

Registering for mobile ticketing couldn’t be easier!


 ARRIVA - Covers the whole ARRIVA bus network 
You can now pre-purchase your Day Saver, Weekly Saver or 4-Weekly Saver bus ticket using your mobile phone. It's quick, easy, hassle-free and you can save money too with 10% off  4-Weekly Savers!
Now available on iphone, smartphones and blackberry
Uno - Covers the University of Hertfordshire Park and Ride service 
Please note that this now works on all handsets and will be launching on the Park & Ride on the 26th April 
Need any help?
Call our registration helpdesk on 01732 869121 







National Rail Enquiries


To view train departures and arrivals as if you were standing at the station, visit on your mobile phone.  




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Note: you must have a twitter account to use this service. 



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