We recommend checking our FAQ section to see if your queries have been answered here first, but if you still need to contact us, you can do so by filling in the form below.

If you are contacting us about missed services, we ask that you include the following Information if you can, this means we can look into your query much more quickly.
When filling in the form, please provide the date the incident took place, the stop name and town where it happened, the journey and service you were waiting for, when you arrived at the bus stop and how long you waited before boarding another service or seeking alternative travel.

If you are emailing about missing timetable information, please include in your contact form the stop name, road and the town where the information is missing, this helps us to locate the stop and get the information updated more quickly. We also recommend taking a photo if you spot any missing information too, so you can refer back to it and send it onto us if we need any additional information.