Duplicate school services

Some bus services in Hertfordshire are duplicated for school travel only. Duplicate vehicles will run on busy routes to assist with social distancing. A duplicate bus service is an additional vehicle travelling on an existing bus service and is solely for use by students travelling to school.

Please note the following: 

  • Some duplicate bus services are be operated by a different bus company but the route number is the same, the bus may also run up to 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled service or follow behind.
  • Government guidance advises social distancing is not required on a duplicate service exclusively for students.
  • All of Arriva's duplicates in Hertfordshire will be running as dedicated school buses with an “S” on the blind in front of the number to differentiate from normal services. Each of these buses will also have “Reserved for school/college pupils only" on the blind and a yellow school sign in the front and rear window.
  • Other operators duplicates will display 'Students Only' or 'School Duplicate' signage.
  • Richmonds, PandA and Vectare will only be taking 'cash only' payments on the duplicates services. Contactless payment options are available on all other duplicates.

Please see the table below for the full list of duplicated services:

Service Number
Operator of normal service
Operator of duplicate service
Schools served
Journey start time
10 Arriva Arriva R Hale, S Balle, Ware College, Presdales 0740 Harlow Bus Station       PDF Timetable
10 Arriva Arriva Westfield Academy 1428 Holywell, Croxley View PDF Timetable
20 Richmonds Richmonds Birchwood, Boys High, College, Herts & Essex, Hockerill, St Marys Catholic 0715 Anstey, opp Blind Fiddler PH As published timetable
34 Centrebus Barnetts Beaumont, Oakllands Colleges, St Albans High, STAGS, Verulam 0708 Markyate, London Rd PDF Timetable
45 Centrebus Richmonds KWS, Sir J Lawes, St Georges 0753 Kimpton, High Street PDF Timetable
55 Arriva Arriva J H Newman, Thos Alleynes 0728 Grange Estate, Southfields PDF Timetable
66 Arriva Arriva Epping Forest College 0656 and 0730 Waltham Cross, Bus Station, 0810 Waltham Abbey, Quaker Lane PDF Timetable
80 Centrebus Richmonds Hitchin Boys, Hitchin Girls, Priory 0741 Little Wymondley, opp Plume of Feathers PH PDF Timetable
84 Metroline Metroline Loreto, S Ryder, St Albans, STAGS, Sandringham, Townsend, Verulam 0711 Potters Bar, High Street As published timetable
88 Centrebus Richmonds Hitchin Boys, Hitchin Girls, Priory 0734 Luton, Wigmore Lane PDF Timetable
89 Centrebus Richmonds Hitchin Boys, Hitchin Girls, Priory 0750 Pirton, Great Green PDF Timetable
97 Arriva Arriva Etonbury Academy 0735 Hitchin, Hermitage Road PDF Timetable
98 Arriva Arriva Hitchin Boys, Hitchin Girls, Priory 0722 Baldock, High Street PDF Timetable
100 Arriva Arriva J H Newman, Thos Alleynes 0701 Luton Interchange PDF Timetable
101 Arriva Arriva J H Newman, Thos Alleynes 0720 Luton Interchange PDF Timetable
242 Metroline Metroline Goffs Academy, Goffs Churchgate 0742 Potters Bar, High Street As published timetable
251 Arriva Arriva Goffs, Goffs Churchgate 0710 Upshire, Princefield Road     PDF Timetable
301 Arriva Arriva Bps Hatfield, J H Newman, Loreto, Monks Walk, Thos Alleynes 0736 Hatfield (for Monks Walk), 0720 Lister Hospital Stevenage (for Monks Walk), 0733 Welwyn Garden City (for Alleynes, John Henry Newman) PDF Timetable
302 Arriva Arriva Beaumont, Bps Hatfield, Loreto, Stanborough, Verulam 0720 Hemel Hempstead (for Bps Hatfield, Loreto College, Verulam, Beaumont), 0725 Welwyn Garden City (for Loreto College, Verulam, Beaumont), 0755 Hatfield (for Stanborough) PDF Timetable
304 Centrebus Panda Hitchin Boys, Hitchin Girls, Priory 0715 St Albans, St Peter's Street PDF Timetable
304 Centrebus Panda Beaumont, Loreto, Marlborough, Sandringham, STAGS, Townsend, Verulam 0645 Hitchin, St Mary's Square PDF Timetable
308 Arriva Arriva Birchwood, Herts & Essex, Hockerill 0753 Thorley Park, Sainsbury's PDF Timetable
310 Arriva Arriva HRC “Hertford” and “Broxbourne” campuses, the Hertford schools, the Ware schools, Robert Barclay Academy

0800 and 0815 Waltham Cross, Bus Station; 0800 and 0800 Hertford, Bus Station

PDF Timetable
314 Centrebus Richmonds Hitchin Boys', Hitchin Girls', The Priory 0740 Welwyn, Church Street PDF Timetable
315 Centrebus Panda Monks Walk 0742 Kimpton, Hampden (S) PDF Timetable
320 Arriva Arriva Joan of Arc, J F Kennedy, Rickmansworth 0730 Garston, TGI Friday's  (for John F Kennedy); 0810 Watford, Market Street (for Rickmansworth and Joan of Arc) PDF Timetable
321 Arriva Arriva STAGS, St Michaels 0705 and 0731 Luton Interchange PDF Timetable
331 Arriva Arriva Edwinstree, Ward Freeman, Simon Balle,  Richard Hale

0735 Hertford Bus Station; 0724 Buntingford, Greenways 

PDF Timetable
331 Sullivan Buses Sullivan Buses

Nicholas Breakspear

0742 Birchwood Estate, Longmead As published timetable
341 Uno Uno Chauncy, Presdales 0714 Salisbury Village As published timetable
351 Central Connect Central Connect Birchwood, Herts & Essex, Hockerill, St Mary’s and Chauncy, Presdales, Richard Hale 0718 Hadham Ford, opp Nags Head; 0743 Hunsdon, opp Crown PDF Timetable
354 Red Eagle Red Eagle Ashlyns 0810 Chesham As published timetable
355 Sullivan Buses Sullivan Buses Nicholas Breakspear School 0731 Potters Bar, Southgate Road As published timetable
357 Arriva Barnetts Harpenden St George's school 0737 St Albans, St Peter's Street PDF Timetable
361 Red Eagle Red Eagle Loreto, Marlborough, STAGS, Townsend, Verulam 0725 from Garston As published timetable
366 Centrebus Panda St Georges, Sir J Lawes, Roundwood Pk 0737 Wheathampstead, Conquerors Rd PDF Timetable
384 Central Connect Central Connect Chauncy, Presdales, R Hale, S Balle 0739 Dane End, Gladstone Rd PDF Timetable
387 Red Rose Red Rose Tring 0817 Aldbury PDF Timetable
388 Centrebus Centrebus Presdales, Richard Hale, Sele, Simon Balle (388 service is now a school bus) 0706 Welwyn Garden City, Bus Station PDF Timetable
390 Centrebus Vectare Chauncy, Presdales, R Hale, Sele, Ware College 0714 Stevenage, Bus Station, Stop B PDF Timetable
390 Centrebus Panda Barclay, John Henry Newman, Mariotts, Thos Alleyne 0738 Watton-at-Stone, High Street, The Bull PH, Stop A PDF Timetable
397 Red Rose Red Rose Tring 0756 Wigginton PDF Timetable
398 Sullivan Buses Sullivan Buses Dame Alice Owen’s 0727 South Mimms As published timetable
500 Arriva Arriva

Aylesbury Grammar School

0721 Berkhamsted, High Street

PDF Timetable
510 Arriva Arriva

Leventhorpe School

0807 Bishop's Stortford, Interchange; 0720 and 0750 Harlow Bus Station  PDF Timetable
520 Arriva Arriva Joan of Arc, Rickmansworth 0750 Watford, Market Street PDF Timetable
601 Uno Uno Oaklands College 0640 Borehamwood, 0732 Borehamwood, 0756 Welwyn Garden City As published timetable
602 Uno Uno Oaklands College 0749 Watford, 0804 Hatfield, 1209 Hatfield As published timetable
610 Uno Uno Bishops Hatfield, Links Hatfield 0750 Potters Bar Rail Station As published timetable
833 Sullivan Buses Sullivan Buses St Michael's School 0742 Carpenders Park Station As published timetable
B77 Sullivan Buses Sullivan Buses JSF 0709 Radlett, Harper Lane PDF Timetable
BB4(A) Barkerbus Barkerbus St Mary’s Catholic Bishop’s Stortford (an additional service to BB4) 0748 Ware High Street (outside Boots, on Tesco side); 0752 Station Rd Ware, 0802 Kingsway (to transfer for onwards travel to St Mary's)  
M3 Centrebus Richmonds Presdales, Chauncy 0747 Ware Station, Stop E PDF Timetable