About HertsLynx
HertsLynx is a new on-demand bus service serving villages in North and East Herts and fixed destinations in Key Hub Towns.
HertsLynx operating zone
Information on where you will be able to travel using HertsLynx.
Booking a HertsLynx trip
Information on how to book HertsLynx.
HertsLynx fare prices
Information on fare prices.
Concessionary Passes and SaverCards
Information on how you can add your pass/Savercard to your HertsLynx booking.
Contact HertsLynx support
Information on how to contact HertsLynx Customer Support.
Have your say - HertsLynx Survey
We would love to hear your feedback on the HertsLynx service. To share your view please complete the survey by 10 July.