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Service Disruptions

Service Disruptions

Information about disruptions that may affect a bus service will be displayed (where possible) at the bottom of the route map for the service. This can be found when using the timetables section of the website and after selecting a service, clicking on 'route map'. Major and more general disruption information may also be listed below on this page.

You can also get the latest disruption information by following our Twitter account @intalink

Road Closures: Clarendon Road/ High Street, Watford, From Monday 8th January 2018 until approx. September 2018

Closed due to enhancement works taking place in the town centre. Stops A, B, C and D will be closed and services will now call at stops M and O on Beechen Grove. Passengers please note that services may suffer delays, so it is advissed you allow extra time to complete your journeys.

Service Journey Direction Old Stop New stop from 8th January
10 Holywell B M
320 Rickmansworth C M
320 Hemel Hempstead D O
321 Luton D O
324 Maple Cross C M
324 Garston/ Kingswood D O
336/X336 High Wycombe C M
635 Holywell B M
635 Hatfield/Hitchin D O
R2 Chorleywood B M
W1 Maple Cross C M
W1 Garston  D O

Bus Station Closure UPDATE: Welwyn Garden City Bus Station, reopening SUnday 20th May

Welwyn Garden City bus station will reopen on Sunday 20th May. Stops 7 and * will be re-anmed H and J and stops 8A, 9 and 10 will no longer be served. The table below provides information on where you can catch your bus service at the bus station:

New Stop Service Operator  Towards
G 6 Arriva Shire Park
A 201 Uno Welham Green
A 203 Uno Watton-at-Stone
A 204 Uno Welwyn North
A 204 Uno Burnham Green
A 206 Uno Panshanger
B 215 Uno Welwyn
F 230 Uno St Albans
E 242 Trustybus Waltham Cross
C 300 Arriva Stevenage
D 300 Arriva Hemel Hempstead
C 301 Arriva Stevenage
E 301 Arriva Hemel Hempstead
B 314 Centrebus Hitchin
B 315 Centrebus Kimpton
B 366 Centrebus Luton
E 366 Centrebus South Hatfield
A 388 Centrebus Ware
B 388 Centrebus Stevenage
A 401 Arriva Panshanger
A 403 Arriva Haldens
E 403 Arriva Great Ganett
E 404 Uno South Hatfield
D 405 Uno South Hatfield
D 601 Uno St Albans/Borehamwood
F 653 Uno St Albans
A 724 Greenline Harlow
F 724 Greenline Heathrow Airport
B W4 Wanderbus Shefford
B W14 Wanderbus Shefford

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