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Wi-Fi onboard the bus!

Tue 23rd May, 2017 3:51:pm

Some services in Hertfordshire are now offering on board Wi-Fi and USB charging points for phones and tablets. Why not enjoy a stress free commute to work by getting some urgent work done or by browsing on your social media accounts during your journey to work. If you live in Rickmansworth, Hemel Hempstead or Stevenage, these are some of the routes offering this service: Arriva 320 (Rickmansworth to Hemel via Watford) and Arriva 321 (Luton to Watford via St Albans); Centrebus 80/81 in Hitchin and Stevenage and Arriva 310.

There are many benefits of taking the bus and now with Wi-Fi on board, you can keep in touch through your emails and social media, browse the internet and even complete your weekly food shop, surely that's a reason to take the bus.

Find out if your route has Wi-Fi

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