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Service 258

Watford Junction Railway Stn, Stop 3 to South Harrow, Bus Station, Stop B

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This is an important announcement

UPDATE - Road now closed from Tuesday 20th February

Overnight Road Closure: Lower High St & Dalton Way, Watford, Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd February, 2200-0500

Services 142, 258 & 602 will be diverted.

Service 602 will be unable to serve Bus Stops in North Bushey, Bushey, Watford Lower High Street and the Town centre. The service will commence and terminate at Beechen Grove Stop N.

142 & 258 will be unable to serve Bushey Arches, Dalton Way or Watford High St Railway Station but will be serving Bushey Railway Station, Stops A & B, Beechen Grove, Stop N & King Street, Stop T.

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