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Service disruptions

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These may affect your journey

Road Closure: Woods Avenue, Hatfield. Closed from Monday 19th to Tuesday 20th October 2000 – 0500.

Today 20:00 - 20th Oct

Service 610 will not serve stops from Elm Drive to Town Centre Stop W, please board using Oxlease Drive or ASDA/Town Centre Stop U.

Road Closure: Queen's Road, Ware. Closed from Monday 19th to Friday 30th October 0930 - 1600.

Today 09:30 - 30th Oct

Service 395 will not serve Ware Fanhams Road, please board using Jolly Bargeman PH.

Road Closure: Fore Street, Hertford. Closed from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd October 0530 - 1400.

Today 05:30 - 23rd Oct

Fore Street and Market Street stops will not be served during these times. Please use Hertford Bus Station to board all services.

Road Closure: Oaklands Road, St Albans. Currently Closed until 20th October 0930 - 1600.

16th - 20th Oct

Service 653 is not serving stops from Hatfield Ellenbrook Lane to Oaklands Lane Jove Gardens. Please board using Hatfield UH de Havilland Campus or Jersey Farm Newgate Close.

Road Closure: A1170 High Road, Wormley. Closed from Monday 12th to Wednesday 21st October (no weekend work) 2000 - 0500.

12th - 21st Oct

Services 310 & 410 will not serve stops from Turnford College to Hoddesdon Clock Tower, the nearest alternative stops are Turnford Bulls Head (310) Cheshunt Brookfield Centre (410) or Hoddesdon Middlefield Rd.

Passenger Notice: From Monday 19th October. Trustybus Service 386.

10th Oct onwards

The 15:45 journey from Birchwood School towards Stevenage which will be departing at 15:20 and will be 25 minutes earlier at all stops throughout the route.

Road Closure: Clarendon Road, Watford. Closed from 5th October to 11th November 24/7 south bound closure from Station road to St Johns Road.

5th Oct - 14th Nov

Services 8, 10, 320, 501, 520, 635, 724, W1 & W30 will not serve Clarendon Road in either direction, please board using Watford Junction or Town centre stops.
Services 318, 352, 832 & W3 will not serve south bound stops, board using Watford Junction or Town centre stops. Services W2 & W20 will not serve south bound stops, board using Watford Junction or Town centre stops.

North bound stops on Clarendon Road will be reopened.

Passenger Notice: High Street, St Albans. Closed until further notice for social distancing.

3rd Sep onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 34

Centrebus service 34 will not serve Chequer Street Town Hall. Please board and alight using St Peters Street.

Passenger Notice: High Street, Rickmansworth. Closed for social distancing between Northway to Station Road, from 28th August. Mondays to Fridays between 1000 – 1800 and Saturdays from 0600 to 0600 on Mondays until further notice.

28th Aug onwards

Services 320, 520, R1, R2 & W30 will serve the temporary stop on Northway for all journeys.
Service 103 will serve the temporary stop on Northway for journeys running at the times of the closure.

Road Closure: High Street, Colney Heath. Closed from Monday 24th August to Monday 9th November, 24/7.

24th Aug - 9th Nov

Services 230, 312 & 305 will not serve stops from Wistlea Crescent to opp Roestock Lane. The nearest alternative stops for service 305 are High St (NE) for travel to St Albans or Roestock Lane for travel to Potters Bar. The nearest alternative stops for service 230 are Fellowes Lane or Roestock Lane. The nearest alternative stops for service 312 are High St (NE) or Fellowes Lane.

Passenger notice: High Street, Ware. From Thursday 13th August the one-way system is being reversed.

13th Aug onwards

Services will operate from Baldock Street through the High Street. Please board services towards the Station/Amwell End using High street stops. Services which would normally operate through the High Street towards Baldock Street/The Priory will divert using New Road, Collett Road and The Bourne. Passengers intending to travel on these routes, please board using stops at Ware Crossing or New Road. Please indicate clearly to the driver that you wish to board or alight.

Road Closure: Sacombe Pound, Sacombe. Closed from Tuesday 4th August 2020 to Sunday 21st February 2021.

4th Aug - 21st Feb

Service 384 will not serve stops Cottages or Home Farm. Please board using Dane End Whiteley Close stops.

Transport for school children in Sacombe Pound had been arranged. Please wait at the Opp Cottages stop in Sacombe and wait until the driver of the duplicate 384 calls you forward to board. The departure time will be 0730.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Road Closure: Crossbrook Street & Turners Hill, Cheshunt. Closed from Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd October 2000 - 0500

20th - 23rd Oct

Service 310 will not serve stops from Waltham Cross The Vine PH to Cheshunt Old Pond, board using Waltham Cross Bus Station or Cheshunt Police Station.

Road Closure: Mercers Avenue, Bishops Stortford. Closed from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 31st October 0730 - 1800.

21st - 31st Oct

Services 20, 27 & 386 will not serve stops from The Carpenters to The Shearers, the nearest alternative stops are Wentworth Drive.

Road Closure: Hitchin Road, Great Wymondley. Closed on Wednesday 21 October 0930 -1600.

21st Oct

  • Affected routes:
  • 80

Service 80 will not serve stops on Arch Road Little Wymondley. Please board using Little Wymondley Siccut Road or Hitchin St Michaels Road stops.

Road Closure: Shenley Hill, Radlett. Closed from Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th October 2000 - 0500.

22nd - 24th Oct

Service 602 will not serve Shenley Hill Williams Way. Please board using Shenley Road Faggots Close.

Road Closure: Great Park, Kings Langley. Closed from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October 0730 - 1800.

23rd - 25th Oct

Service H19 will not serve Kings Langley Beechfield (S). The nearest stop is Langley Hill.

Road Closure: Rowans, Welwyn Garden City. Closed from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October, 0930 - 1600.

23rd - 25th Oct

Service 403 will not serve stops Sloansway or Robin Mead. Please board using Haldens Shops stops.

Road Closure: Dane Street & Station Road, Bishop Stortford. Closed from Monday 26th October to Friday 13th November Monday to Friday 2000 - 0500.

26th Oct - 13th Nov

Services 5, 301 & 42A will not serve stops from Riverside Stop R to Dane Street Stop K. Board services 5 & 42A using Hillside. Board service 301 using Stansted Road Church.
Services 309 & 510 will not serve stops from Riverside/Dane Street to Mulberry Court. Board service 309 using Stansted Road Church or Thorley Hill. Board service 510 using The Causeway or Mulberry Court.