Dogs and other animals

All types of assistance dog can board a service free or charge when accompanying either a registered disabled person or a trainer who can show an appropriate means of identification.

Other dogs are accepted at the discretion of the driver at the owner’s risk.

All dogs must be on a harness or lead and, if necessary, muzzled in accordance with the Dangerous Dogs Act. The bus diver reserves the right to ask a passenger with a dog to leave the vehicle at any time if you permit you or your dog to behave unacceptably.

The bus driver can refuse passengers with a dog to board a bus if the vehicle is full and close to its full capacity.

Small animals (birds in cages, cats and other small animals) in cages carried in a passenger’s lap will be allowed to travel at the absolute discretion of the driver on safety grounds. 

Animals are not allowed on seats.

Passengers travelling with any animal on a bus are held responsible for any damage, loss or injury arising from its presence on the bus. 

Some operators reserve rights to charge for the travel of small animal, including dogs (except assistance dogs).

Please check the operator webpages and terms and conditions for details.