How to read timetables

How to read our PDF Timetables

  1. Use the Journey Planner, Bus Guide or Town Map to identify the service you require to get from your departure point (A) to your destination (B). The example below is a circular journey from Bishop’s Stortford to The Pelhams/Great Hormead and back on Service 20.
  2. Use the Routes, timetables & maps page to locate the relevant timetable.
  3. Find your departure point listed in the timetable (A). This will always be above your destination point (B).
  4. Read across to select your departure time, then follow the column down to your destination to give you the arrival time (D).
  5. Some timetables may have codes which explain variations to the standard timetable or point out interchange facilities (C).
  6. Some services do not operate every day. Please make sure you check the service operates on the day you wish to travel (E).
  7. The Intalink Explorer ticket allows unlimited travel on most buses in Hertfordshire. The availability of the ticket is included on each service (F).
  8. Where services are operated by an Intalink Partner, their logo appears on the timetable page (G).
  9. Where services are operated fully under contract to Hertfordshire County Council, a note appears on the timetable page (H).

Timetable example