How to scan QR codes

QR code stands for "Quick Response" code. QR codes are symbols that store data and when scanned, allow you to instantly access information stored within the code.
QR codes are located on timetable panels on all marked bus stops in Hertfordshire and provide real time bus information.

Important information: In order to read a QR code you will require access to a smartphone with data or a wifi connection. It does not matter whether the phone has an Android or Apple iOS operating system. QR codes can be scanned by most smartphones.

An example of QR code:

QR code example

Steps to read QR code:

1. Open the camera function on your phone. You can also use QR code reader app from your phones app store. If you use an app, open this.

2. With your camera/app window opened, hold your device over a QR code so that it’s clearly visible within your smartphone’s screen (pic 1).

QR capture 1

3. The phone automatically recognises and scans the code. A pop up window or banner with the link tap will appear on your screen (pic 2).

QR capture 2

4. Click on the pop up or banner to launch the real time bus information for that stop on your phone (pic 3).

Capture 3

5. The real time information page also provides a speaker option, press the 'play' button for the information to be read to you out loud (including the stop name, service and departure times).