Intalink Bus Passenger Charter

As part of the Department for Transport’s guidelines for any authority publishing a Bus Service Improvement Plan’s (BSIP) the implementation of a Bus Passenger Charter is required. The intention of the Charter is to communicate what passengers can hope to expect from bus operators delivering local bus services in their area.

The Intalink Bus Passenger Charter (IBPC) sets out the commitment made between Hertfordshire County Council / bus operators and the passengers they serve to try and ensure certain standards are met for each journey.  It translates the key elements of the BSIP into standards that the passenger should expect to see when taking a bus journey.

Intalink Bus Passenger Charter

We will make improvements to bus services & planning through:

  • Better real-time bus departure information and at more locations
  • More frequent buses
  • Punctual and reliable buses
  • Improving the connection to other modes of transportation using a bus
  • Decarbonisation of bus fleets
  • Number of available bus routes

We will make improvements to fares and ticketing through:

  • Extending our range of multi-operator tickets
  • Introduce smart ticketing options on mobile and card
  • Easy to understand fares which will be published
  • Fares prices available before boarding

We will improve passenger engagement through:

  • An improved Intalink website and app
  • Easy feedback procedures
  • The promotion of Intalink
  • Strengthening the Intalink Brand

We will improve passenger satisfaction through:

  • Clean, comfortable, and reliable buses
  • Buses that are accessible to all
  • Annual survey on passenger transport topics
  • Providing clear and simple feedback channels. If you want to tell us something, please contact us below:

Passenger promise

And in return we ask:

  • Be courteous to the driver, vehicle, and other passengers
  • Dispose of litter in the correct fashion
  • Respect bus stops and buses
  • Adhere to bus drivers’ requests and instructions
  • Refrain from distracting the driver when bus is in motion

Look out for the different designs of the Intalink Bus Passenger Charter on your bus or at the bus stop:

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Consultation Results

Intalink Bus Passenger Charter Consultation Results

Intalink Bus Passenger Charter Consultation Results - accessible version