Step by step guide to our website

Welcome to our new Intalink website.

We are very excited to present our improved design, which has some new functions including a journey planner. We hope that you will find this website helpful, user-friendly and return to it regularly to plan your journeys across Hertfordshire. You can use this site to check your timetables, potential disruptions along your journey, upcoming service changes as well as news about public transport in Hertfordshire, Intalink Promotional Vehicle visits to town and much more.

Below you can see some main features which are available on our Home page.

Home page screen top part

  1. The Intalink logo (A) in the top left corner can be used to return to our Home page from any other subpage within our site. It’s your ‘quick return’ button to the Home page.  

  2. The navigation menu (B) allows you to go to a different part of the website, depending of what you are looking for. Just click on one of the names displayed within the navigation menu to go to the relevant area.  

  3. The Search box (C) helps you to quickly find the information you are looking for via a key word. For example, if you are looking for a list of upcoming service changes, click in the ‘search box’ and in the available line type ‘changes’ then click ‘Search’. The system will search the website to find the pages that include this key word.

  4. You can use our Explore box (D) to view your location on the map and find the closest bus stops and services in this area. Just start typing the name of the location you are looking for.

  5. Our new Journey planner (E) allows you to plan your journey from your start point to the destination. Type in your chosen start and end points along with your departure or arrival time (if you leave the depart and arrive time blank, the default option is set to ‘depart now’). Click ‘Search’ and a map of your journey will be shown as well as a list of travel options including walk times from your chosen location, services to use, and the bus stops to board at. The yellow circle with arrows allows you to switch your start point with your destination and search for your return journey.

  6. Our quick access area (F) allows you quickly go to important sections of thewebsite. Just click on the box for the area you want to find more about.

  7. In this part of the Home page (G) you can view some of our latest bus service disruptions, news and tweets. Please keep in mind that only the latest information is displayed here. To view more please click on the title of each section or to read the entire news item or disruption notice, click on the title for each individual item.

  8. If you want to get in touch with us (H) you can find our address and contact details in the footer. You can also use our Contact Intalink form by clicking ‘Contact’ in the navigation panel at the top of the page.  

  9. Our footer includes a link to follow us on twitter (I), just simply click on it to see our twitter page.

  10. You can join our mailing list to stay informed and get our latest news first (J).

  11. To download our Intalink app on your phone just click the relevant link in this section (K).

  12. Please give us your feedback by clicking on the appropriate icon (L).

  13. At the bottom of the page you can access our open data files, information for operators about the partnership and our policies and statements (M). Please click on the relevant link to view this information.

Home page screen bottom part

For more detail’s guidelines on each section, functionality of our website and FAQs, please view our downloadable guide. In this guide you can find information on how to plan your journey, find bus services or ticket information, download town maps and much more.

If you are accessing our website via a mobile phone, to see the navigation panel click on the Menu button. This will display the ‘navigation panel’ as shown in the picture below:

Phone screen

Downloadable Intalink website user manual