Intalink Tickets - Terms & Conditions


1.       Intalink tickets purchased through the Intalink app are ready for use once the transaction has successfully completed.

2.       Tickets purchased through the Intalink app will remain available for activation for up to one year from the date of purchase.

3.       Once activated or purchased on bus, Intalink tickets can be used during the period of validity for unlimited travel on the Intalink bus network, within the area or zones specified.

4.       The Intalink bus network is provided by the following bus operators Andrew Cyril Myall (t/a C J Myall); Arriva Kent Thameside Ltd; Arriva the Shires Ltd; Cambus Ltd (t/a Stagecoach); Carousel Buses Ltd; Centrebus Ltd; Galleon Travel (2009) Ltd (t/a Central Connect); Grant Palmer Ltd; H V Richmond Ltd; James Harry Petty (t/a Little Jim’s); Landmark Coaches Ltd; Lucketts of Watford Ltd; Metroline Travel Ltd; Red Eagle Buses Ltd; Red Rose Travel Ltd; Red Line Buses Ltd; Sullivan Bus & Coach Ltd; Sullivan Buses Engineering Ltd; Universitybus Ltd; and Vectare Ltd.

5.       All Intalink tickets are valid on the bus services operated within Hertfordshire by the bus operators listed above, unless specifically excluded.   Where a service operates beyond the Hertfordshire boundary then travel is permitted to the end of the route as long as it is within the area or zones specified.

6.       Bus operators may also accept Intalink Explorer tickets for travel on their services operating entirely outside of Hertfordshire and within the area or zones specified.   Please check with the bus operators prior to travelling.

7.       Excluded services:

          a.       Services operated under contract to Transport for London (TfL).
          b.       A2B Travel Service 31 between Barley and Cambridge (whole route).
          c.       Arriva Services 508.509.510 between Bishop’s Stortford and Stansted Airport.
          d.       Centrebus Service 26 between Melbourn and Cambridge.
          e.       Green Line Service 724 between Maple Cross and Heathrow Airport.
          f.        Carousel Service 1/1A between Chesham Broadway and High Wycombe.
          g.       Star Travel Service 167 between Ivinghoe and Leighton Buzzard (whole route).
          h.       Vale Travel Service 50 between Aylesbury and Marsworth (whole route).
          i.         HertsLynx and any other demand responsive services that require pre booking.
          j.         Night bus services.
          k.       Rail replacement services.
          l.         Services operating to or via Central London.
          m.     Services provided primarily for school children and students.
          n.       Services on which the majority of seats can be reserved in advance of travel.
          o.       Services that are intended to run for a period of less than six consecutive weeks.
          p.       Services operated entirely for the purposes of tourism or because of the historical interest of the vehicle.
          q.       Services where the fare charged has a special amenity element.

8.       The ticket QR code on the app or printed ticket must be scanned to validate the ticket to travel, otherwise the appropriate fare will be charged.   No refunds will be made for any additional fares paid.

9.       If a discounted ticket linked to a Hertfordshire SaverCard is being used then you may be required to show the Hertfordshire SaverCard to the bus driver or authorised official.

10.   If the user of the ticket does not qualify for the discounted ticket presented then the appropriate fare will be charged.   The ticket will be cancelled.   No refunds will be made for any remaining ticket validity or additional fares paid.

11.   Possession of an Intalink ticket does not confer any rights upon the holder other than those of a fare paying passenger.

12.   Passengers are carried in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage of the operator(s) concerned.

13.   Hertfordshire County Council will not accept any liability for the consequences arising from:

          a.       Journeys that do not operate in accordance with the published timetables.
          b.       The shortage of accommodation in any vehicle.
          c.       Detentions, delay or non-operation of a journey for whatever reason.
          d.       Failing to provide a relief vehicle.


14.   Refunds will be considered for Intalink ticket products that have not been activated or still have remaining days of validity.

15.   No refunds can be given for one day tickets except in exceptional circumstances.

16.   Claims for refunds can only be handled by the ticket retailer that the ticket was purchased from.

17.   If the Intalink ticket product has not been activated (m-ticket) then a refund of the price paid less a £10 cancellation fee.

18.   If the Intalink ticket product has been partly used then a refund of the balance between the cost of the ticket purchased and the equivalent tickets covering the period used will be given, less a £10 cancellation fee.

19.   Refunds will be made via the payment method used to buy the ticket.

20.   Requests for refunds will be dealt with within 28 days of receiving the request.

Replacement Tickets

21.   If the mobile device that an Intalink ticket product is held on is lost or damaged, then the ticket can be transferred onto another device as long as the ticket is linked to an Intalink or operator retailer account.

22.   Requests to transfer tickets can only be handled by the ticket retailer that the ticket was purchased from.

23.   Only Intalink ticket products that either have not been validated or still have a remaining period of validity at the time the loss is reported can be transferred.

24.   A charge of £10 will be made for replacement cards unless it is shown to be faulty.