Living roof shelters arrive in Hertfordshire

4 months ago Thu 9th Sep 2021

The first sedum roof shelters have arrived in the county. Working with infrastructure company Externiture, we have refurbished three and installed two new 'living roof' shelters, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Hoddesdon and Stevenage. These shelters are part of the county councils plans for a more environmentally conscious and sustainable county and bus network.

image of a green bus shelter. The roof is covered in a blanket of colourful sedum plants.

The roofs themselves are made up of 16 different types of sedum and have a range of benefits:

  • Sedum flowers provide a biodiverse area encouraging pollinators including bees, butterflies much in the same way that flowers in gardens and in planters do. The roof also provide shelter for insects
  • The plants absorb CO2, dust and pollutant particulates from the surrounding air improving the air quality around them
  • The roof trays absorb rainwater, reducing the amount of rainwater run off that goes into storm drains as well as watering the plants
  • The sedum helps to cool the immediate environment around the shelter and assist with reducing the effect of urban heat islands. They do this through evaporation of water and dew captured by the plants over night as well as absorbing sunlight
  • The roofs provide more green space in towns and built up areas and are visually appealing 
  • The sedum trays can also increase the lifespan of our bus shelters as they protect the roof more from the elements

By refurbishing shelters, where possible, we are prolonging the life of shelters and reusing materials which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Plans are in place to roll out more living roof shelters across the county in the future, so a bee friendly shelter could be coming to a stop near you soon!

a close up image of the varieties of sedum plant contained within the living roof. There are a mix of reds and greens.