New four-weekly and daily ticket bundles are now available

7 months ago Thu 24th Aug 2023

In addition to the daily and weekly tickets, ‘four-weekly’ and ‘ten 1-day’ bundle Intalink Explorer and BUSnet tickets are now available. 

The four-week ticket provides savings for regular travellers over buying four separate weekly tickets.

The ten 1-day bundle provides ten days of travel each of which can be used at any time up to one year from purchase, and is a cheaper option than buying separate tickets on each day of travel

Note that weekly, four-weekly and bundles for Intalink Explorer and BUSnet tickets can only be purchased in advance via the app. It is no longer be possible to purchase weekly tickets on bus. Daily tickets will still be available on bus, as well as through the app.
Simply download the Intalink app which is available on Android and iPhone devices for free.