General ticket information

Ticket options for travelling by bus

A single ticket is the most simple form and allows travel once only between your start point and destination.

There are a range of alternatives that will save money if making more than one journey:

Return Ticket: This is generally cheaper than the equivalent of two single fares. There may be time restrictions and usually the return journey will need to be made on the same operator’s services and on the same day.

Season Ticket: Useful for more regular travellers. Options are normally weekly, four-weekly or monthly, quarterly and annually. The amount of discount increases with the length of period, making annual tickets the best value for money. Usually available for journeys between two defined points.

Multi-trip Ticket: Ideal for those that do not travel every day. Tickets cover a set number of journeys within a given zone or between two defined points, and with no expiry date.

Multi-operator ticket: These can be used on services run by any operator over either a daily or weekly period (subject to operator acceptance). See Intalink Explorer and BUSnet tickets

Day Ticket: Providing unlimited travel for a day on a particular group or network of services.

Advance Purchase Ticket: Recommended when travelling on longer distance or airport express coach services. Tickets sold on board the vehicle on the day of travel are subject to capacity and passengers with reserved tickets are boarded first.

You can find out about the cost of your journey or the ticket types available by telephoning the bus operator on their customer care number (contact details can be found at the bottom of the relevant timetable). Some operators publish fare information on their own websites, particularly for season tickets.