Community Shelters launch in Ware

7 months ago Fri 29th Sep 2023

BSIP Community Shelters project completes work in Ware.

Two photos of Ware shelters

The Community Shelters project has seen its first site completed. The two shelters in Ware, near to Hertford Regional College, have undergone transformation from bus shelters to local art galleries.

Working with Hertford Regional college’s art department, the two mini art galleries at stop A and stop C, display some of the student’s various artworks.

The project is funded by HM Government and is a part of our ambitious Bus Services Improvement plan. The project aims to work with local communities including schools, colleges, local businesses, and groups to improve their local bus shelters and make them more of a focal point for the community.

When approaching the college, the suggestion was made to make the two college shelters a more attractive place for bus users to wait by adding mini art galleries. This gave students the opportunity to have their work displayed for viewing by the public and also gave those waiting at and passing by the shelters access to the gallery.

The site is the first completed in year one of a three year plan where more shelters across the county will see a range of community led improvements.

You can find further details on these Ware shelters on the Ware shelters page.

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