Hertfordshire County Council launches travel wallet with an updated design

9 months ago Mon 25th Oct 2021

In October 2020 Hertfordshire County Council undertook a review of the Travel Wallet and as a result implemented changes to the design of the wallet.

The Travel Wallet is an orange plastic wallet with plastic pockets inside. The wallet is issued by Hertfordshire County Council and is designed to support people who use public transport but may find some aspects of it difficult. Passengers will use the wallet to let bus drivers know that they may need help with travel on the bus. 

The main reason for the new design was to make the wallet more inclusive and to address some of the issues that were reported by users over the years such as durability and functionality. After the engagement process, which involved a number of communities in a user review of the updated version, the wallet was manufacture with its new design started to be posted out to the eligible passengers in October.

Some of the main changes implemented were:

  • Improving the quality of plastic making the wallet more durable and solid;
  • Adding braille on the cover to help our visually impaired customers find the right item quickly;
  • Using a muted orange shade, adding extra colours and design features to make the wallet more visually appealing and discreet to use but still easily recognisable to bus drivers;
  • Adding the Intalink website address, a source of information on travel in Hertfordshire;
  • Creating insert cards with QR codes to direct passengers to the Intalink website, the travel planning tool and to provide a link to ‘How to scan QR codes’ guide.  

Additionally, all supporting documents related to the travel wallet such as easy reads documents, leaflets, and journey assistance cards have been updated to reflect the new design. Information has also been sent out to bus operators to make them aware of the changes.

You can find out more about the travel wallet and how to apply on www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/orangetravelwalle to et

Travel Wallet